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What You Can Do!

Welcome! The Eden Area United Democratic Campaign is committed to getting Democrats elected at all levels. We represent the campaign arm of the Democratic Party within Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo. We are chartered by the Alameda County Democratic Party.

Alameda County is one of the strongest Democratic counties in California. We lead the state in percent of Democratic registration and regularly provide the margins of victory for our statewide candidates, second only to Los Angeles County.

We need your help to get all of those Democrats to the polls in 2014! Please join us.

Meet Other Eden Area Democrats

The EAUDC hosts a number of events where Eden Area Democrats can meet to analyze, stratgize, socialize, and watch the returns come in on election night:

See the complete calendar.

Work With Other Eden Area Democrats

The EAUDC depends on volunteers to carry out the phone banking, voter registration and community organizing work necessary to elect your candidates. Eden Area Democrates can join in campaign events:

See the complete calendar; sign up to participate.

Meet Your Candidates

Local events at which you can meet the endorsed candidates whose districts include the Eden Area:

See the complete calendar.

Register and Vote

You can register to vote online, or request a printed registration form on the Secretary of State's voter registration page

Volunteer to Help

The EAUDC depends on volunteers; tell us what kind of volunteer work you are interested and when you are available on the volunteer sign-up page

Make a Financial Contribution...

The EAUDC depends on your contributions to elect your Democratic candidates. Make a contribution online on the contribution page