2020 Endorsements will be posted on this page next year!

Past Endorsements

President: Hillary Clinton

US Senate: Kamala Harris
Congressional District, 13: Barbara Lee
Congressional District, 15: Eric Swalwell
Assembly District, 18: Rob Bonta
Assembly District, 20: Bill Quirk

Alameda Co. Superior Court Judge:Scott Jackson

AC Transit Director (At Large):Hon. Chris Peeples

San Leandro Council Member, District 2:Bryan Azevedo
San Leandro Council Member, District 6: Pete Ballew

Castro Valley USD Director: Hon. Jo Loss
Castro Valley USD Director: Lavender Whitaker
Castro Valley USD Director: Monica Lee

Hayward USD Director: Hon. Annette Walker
Hayward USD Director: Todd Davis

New Haven USD Director: Hon. Michael Ritchie
New Haven USD Director: Sharan Kaur
New Haven USD Director: Lance Nishihara

San Lorenzo USD Director: Hon. Penny Peck
San Lorenzo USD Director: Kyla Sinegal
San Lorenzo USD Director: Marilyn Stewart

BART Director, District 3: Hon. Rebecca Saltzman
BART Director, District 5: Hon. John McPartland

Castro Valley Sanitary District: Hon.Daniel Akagi
Castro Valley Sanitary District: Hon.Timothy McGowan

East Bay Regional Parks District, Ward 4: Ellen Corbett

Oro Loma Sanitary District (short term)……Hon. Rita Duncan

Local Propositions

Measure A1, Alameda County | YES | Affordable Housing Bond
Measure C1, AC Transit | YES | Parcel Tax Extension
Measure RR, BART | YES | BART Safety Bond
Measure F1, HARPD | YES | Safe, Clean, Local Parks Bond
Measure EE, Hayward | YES | Cannabis Sales Tax
Measure NN, San Leandro | YES | Cannabis Gross Receipts Tax
Measure OO, San Leandro | YES | Business License Tax Modification
Measure PP, San Leandro | YES | Transient Occupancy Tax Increase 
Measure J1, San Leandro USD | YES | Schools Bond

State Propositions

Prop 51 | YES | Repairs and upgrades older schools, and relieves classroom overcrowding so all children can learn in safe schools.
Prop 52 | YES | Ensures continued access to Medi-Cal healthcare for all.
Prop 53 | NO | Stops right-wing attacks on local control and infrastructure repairs your community needs.
Prop 54 | NO | Don’t give Special Interests the power to block legislation on key issues facing California.
Prop 55 | YES | Maintains tax rates on the wealthiest Californians to prevent $4 billion in cuts to public education.
Prop 56 | YES | Increases cigarette tax by $2/pack to improve healthcare and save lives.
Prop 57 | YES | Authorizes parole consideration for nonviolent inmates for good behavior, education and rehab achievement.
Prop 58 | YES | Helps students learn English and allows for all students to learn a second language.
Prop 59 | YES | Asks lawmakers to overturn Citizen’s United and stop the flood of secret corporate money into our elections.
Prop 60 | NO | This measure gives every person in California the authority to sue adult film performers and other workers, violates their privacy and reduces workplace safety.
Prop 61 | NO POSITION | Would change the standards by which state agencies negotiate the prices of, and pay for, prescription drugs.
Prop 62 | YES | Replaces California’s failed death penalty system with life in prison without parole.
Prop 63 | YES | The “Safety for All Act” will keep our communities safe by curbing gun violence.
Prop 64 | YES | Regulates and taxes adult use of marijuana, ends criminalization of responsible adult use.
Prop 65 | NO POSITION | Revenue from carry-out bags would go into a new state environmental fund instead of the state’s General Fund.
Prop 66 | NO | Increases risk that California executes an innocent person.
Prop 67 | YES | Protects our state ban on plastic grocery bags, reducing pollution, protecting wildlife and the ocean.

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